A Letter from Anna Boughton-Brown


Anna May Kelly Boughton-Brown, Fredrick Eugene Brown, and Helen Brown-Luce at Fred and Anna's home in Victor, New York
Anna May Kelly Boughton-Brown, Fredrick Eugene Brown, and Helen Brown-Luce at Fred and Anna's home in Victor, New York

Anna May Kelly-Boughton-Brown was the second wife of my great, great grandfather Fredrick Eugene Brown. For the sake of genealogical accuracy, it should be known that they were also first cousins twice removed.

Victor, New York,

February 1, 1941

At the request of my grandson, George, I have written a brief narrative of my life. 

I was born March 16, 1859 in Macedon, Wayne County, Hew York on a farm one-half mile west of the Village of Macedon. My parents were Willis and Amanda Kelly. I had one brother who died November 1879, age 22 years. 

My childhood was pleasant. I went to District school until I was thirteen, then went to the Village Unich School. I think I was about fifteen when I had my first romance. After much persuasion my mother allowed me to go out an evening with the boy friend, the occasion being a donation for the minister. We had what we thought a grand time, playing simple games – “Spat em out”, “roll the tin” and to pay forfeit if we were beaten – that was fun. This was followed by house parties, rides, dances and picnics. In about a year this boy and girl affair was ended. 

The year I was seventeen I taught a district school. I felt quite grown up. At the close of this summer 1876 at our Universalist Sunday School picnic I met George Boughton, the son of our Universalist Minister. Here began a more serious romance, which ended in marriage on December 19, 1877. We were care free and contented – lived in the Village. 

On June 15,1880, a baby boy was born and I felt then I knew perfect happiness. We had in those days very little entertainment but we were satisfied. On through the years the boy grew from one stage to the next – a natural student. He graduated from Macedon Academy at the age of eighteen in June 1898. In the fall of this year he entered Buffalo Dental College, finished the three year course and graduated with honor. In 1902 he married Zora Denyes. They went to Batavia – there he practiced his profession until his death in January 1929. Two sons were born to this marriage, George and William. George the first was the pride and joy of my life as he is now. 

My husband and I left Macedon in 1906 and located in Victor. We built the home I am now living in. On December 19, 1927 we observed our Golden Wedding Anniversary. We entertained in the new building – social rooms of the Methodist Church, about 135 guests were present. We received the guests assisted by our son and his wife. It was a delightful affair. The gifts were many and beautiful and $196.00 in gold. 

My husband was becoming quite feeble and gave up his work in the drug store. He lived ten months and during that time we had two interesting and pleasant motor trips with Mr. and Mrs. Case. On February 2nd, 1929 he passed into the life beyond. We had a peaceful life with more of joy than sorrow. 

Left alone I kept the home and had several paying guests. Having much work to do was a great help and gave me less time to sorrow. 

In 1929 and again in 1931 I went to Michigan to visit relatives. My life moved on quietly until 1933. In October Fred Brown came into my life. On Easter Sunday 1934 we were married in the Universalist Church in Macedon, by the Rev. J.O. Bennett, pastor of’ the church. Fred came with a new automobile ¬our good times began at once. It was a delight to ride with Fred – he was a safe driver. We had many trips – one, summer to Long Island to visit Fred’s niece, Hattie, for about a week. While there we had a lovely time. The next summer we went to White Plains and New York City to be with his nephew and wife, Harlow and Lovena. Every day of our stay of nearly a week was filled with pleasure. We came home and stopped in North Adams, Mass. to call on cousins of mine, Charles and Sara Wells. We went to Niagara Falls for two days, went to Ohio six times and to Michigan three times. It would take pages if I should mention the many short trips and daily rides. We loved to take lunch and drive where fancy took us. So many days were spent this way — just alone — to be together was happiness. A great love was ours. Fred had nine children. They all have visited us in this home – some have been here several times. I gave them a warm welcome and enjoyed seeing them. A great sorrow came to us when Morris had both legs taken off because of diabetes. He was Fred’s eldest son. 

The years passed too quickly. My dear one falling after an illness of two months. He passed from this earthly life into the life Eternal on November 5, 1940, age 81 years. He lived a Christian life and was held in high esteem by all who knew him. It. was my blessed privilege to take all the care of him and all that love and science could do was done for him. As near as life on earth can be perfect we lived it. I mourn constantly for him. I pray to our God for comfort. 

George this is a rather sketchy write-up – it may not be at all that you expect. 

Your loving grandmother

Anna Boughton Brown 

Age 81 years.


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