A Life in Poems


“Plucking Scales from Eyes” – that’s what truthteller Bill Wright titles a poem contrasting the daily corporate papers with the leftist political weekly. Simple passion, remarkable clarity, precise insights mark this record of picket lines, devoted love, tough choices, steadfast activism, deep pleasures and powerful truths. This is a record to be wholly admired: one decade after another of reliable observation and intensely felt emotion. Wright has always woven experience into wisdom. I have often thought, “It would have been great to know Bill in his incarnations as farmer, boxer, family man, organizer, and unionist.” Now we have the record. Here is a spirit who easily embraces the poetic enthusiasm of Walter Lowenfels, the radical ministry of Maurice McCracken, as easily as the struggles of the current moment. Here, finally, is the book that tells the tale. This is the book you have been waiting for, too.

– David Shevin, author of Three Miles from Luckey

This is my Great Uncle William Wright’s book. It can be purchased from the Publisher’s Website.


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