Family Trees for Sale by Tom Alciere

Tom Alciere, a New Hampshire Libertarian politico, has for sale his genealogy websites. This could prove a good thing for those of us who are seriously into genealogy. Because hopefully, the future owners will not be wholesale posting family information not owned by them.

Mr Alciere did that to me. His defense against this theft is that my gedcom was publicly available and that his site links back to mine. Yah, it was and he did, but my website clearly states that the information is not to be used in a commercial fashion. When your looking at collecting a paycheck from Google AdSense, that makes this a commercial venture Mr. Alciere.

On his personal website,, he makes the following statement:

“One thing is absolute: Drug control has to end. The government has no right to impose drug control laws on a person who never consented to them. If you feel otherwise, you are entitled to your opinion, but your opinion is absolutely wrong. You are hereby notified that your wrong opinion is totally rejected by the supporters of liberty.

“So how do you want drug control to be ended in New Hampshire, with ballots or with bullets?

“If you prefer ballots, then vote for the candidates who want to end drug control. But if you prefer bullets, you can vote against them. Just don’t come whining to me when your favorite cops get themselves killed in action waging the government’s War on Drugs against your neighbors. If you voted for it to happen, you didn’t pull the trigger, but you pulled the lever.

“On 4 December 2002, a gentleman in Frayser, Tennessee fought back in legitimate self-defense during a drug raid. A deputy sheriff was fatally gunned down. The deputy was killed in the act of his own deliberate wrongdoing, trying to enforce unjust laws. His choice.

“The cops keep right on pulling stunts like that, so obviously they still haven’t learned their lesson yet, but have you learned yours?

“Of course, you can pretend to think that your government has a right to impose drug laws, but that won’t stop your favorite cops from getting themselves killed trying to enforce them. You have been notified that your wrong opinion has been totally rejected by the supporters of liberty.

“Actions have consequences. Vote wrong, cops die. So don’t vote wrong. ”

With the number of police officers, military, and politicians who truly tried to make this a better country that came from my family, this man in no way needs to be involved with our heritage.


2 thoughts on “Family Trees for Sale by Tom Alciere

    • I agree wholeheartedly! My entire website is marked at being a not for profit organization and yet he took my information and added to the trype he has on his various and sundry google ad sites and claims he can do that because I make the information available. The problem is that he is incapable of understanding that by adding my information to his website (that is a commercial endeavour) he is infringing upon my copyright. The day will come when Mr Alciere will get his come uppance. I really hope that his radical ignorant politcal views are the cause of it.

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