The Last of the Tudors & Other Things

Its been well over a year since I have posted to this blog. What a different world mine is these 16 months later. The day after I posted the Dixie Carter memorial, Tammy, my wife, decided to move from our home. We are currently divorcing and that is why I have not been much of a blogger or genealogist for some time.

As I sit here half watching season 4 of The Tudors, I began thinking of Katherine “Kat” Champernowne-Ashley (or Astley – depending upon the historian). Kat, as she was referred to by the first Elizabeth, was the governess and friend of the Queen. Lady Ashley is a probable member of our family tree, though a distant cousin to me.

It seems odd to me that very little is known of this woman. Historians cannot even decidedly determine her parentage, and this woman was the decades long companion of, at the time, the most powerful woman in the world.


The photo albums on the website are on their way out! This was not my decision, but the decision of Apple, Inc. with their upcoming implementation of iCloud. (By the way, I need to find a web server, too.) But, the albums, with their ease of use in posting through the current MobileMe are going to be a pain to replace. Those are huge files and occupy lots of space.


I am considering the loss of Family Tree Maker, too. I thought with the implementation of a Mac version, I would find computing happiness. Instead I found Heaven’s slowest implementation of the Mac UI. Think MacFamilyTree may be back on the menu.


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