I’m Annoyed


I really am getting old and crotchety, I think. Either that, or I just have very little tolerance for other people’s crap.

The picture at the top of this article is one I have hanging in my living room. It is a picture of two of my grand uncles, William Carlton and Vernon Wilbur Wright. There is only one other picture like this and I am unsure of its location. I do, however, know that there are not some 20 people with a copy of it – all of them subscribers to Ancestry.com.

I do know where they got the photo. I’ve posted it. I’ve also asked that if it is reused that those who use it credit me as the content creator. I own the original and the photographer is long dead.

When I read the original uploader names on Ancestry, I have to ask why they don’t credit their source. Do they not care that they are using something that belongs to another? Is the world of the internet so open nowadays that content belongs to all?

I am always happy to share my genealogical finds and the documents and photos I dredge from dusty boxes of old family. I would be happier if I am credited with the discovery or the ownership of my items.


3 thoughts on “I’m Annoyed

  1. Hi Mike
    Your “I’m Annoyed” entry really resonated with me … I am so tired of people ripping people off in a big way (I actually had a whole book copied and published under another persons name would you believe!!!) … I am the editor of our local family history group newsletter (the black sheep) here in East Gippsland in Australia and would like to use your piece to introduce a longer piece on copyright and moral and ethical rights …. several local facebook pages have been putting stuff up uncredited and unauthorised and I am feed up with it so am writing a piece to be published … when they go to rip other stuff from the newsletter hopefully they will see the article and will think twice! Would you be happy for me to use your piece … credited to yourself obviously.
    Rest assured, if you do not want it reprinted, I will not use it.

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