Births, Marriages & Deaths for May 11th

Our granduncle, William Carlton Wright, was born on this day in 1914 in Norwalk, Ohio.


Bill Wright & Cris Kuhlman
Bill Wright & Cris Kuhlman
Bill & Cris Wright
Bill & Cris Wright
Bill Wright & Nina Wright-Doughty
Bill Wright & Nina Wright-Doughty
Bill & Vernon Wright
Bill & Vernon Wright
Bill & Cris Wright
Bill & Cris Wright

Sue Adkins’ grandmother. Lily May Lowe-Asbury-Spangler was born in 1904 in Tazewell, Virginia. Her second husband Russell William Spangler was also born the same day, but in 1889 in Monroe County, West Virginia.

No marriages for the date.

Elizabeth Mumford-Graham, mother of Barnes Graham, died on this date in 1951 in Baltimore, Maryland.

Emma Bilton-Brown died on this date in 1962. Even though her headstone says May 10th, her death certificate says May 11th, so I’m going with that date.

Headstone of Emma Bilton-Brown
Headstone of Emma Bilton-Brown

Births, Marriages & Deaths for May 9th

My great grandfather, Oscar Columbus Moats, was born in 1885 in Preston County, WV. He was a coal miner that according to the 1930 Census was paying $10.50 a month for rent.

No marriages for this date.

Rebecca Newell was our 9th Great Grandmother. She was born in January 1643 in Farmington, Connecticut. She was married to Joseph Woodford in about 1663. She died on this day in 1711.

Births, Marriages & Deaths for May 8th

Our first cousin twice removed Clarence Herman Luce Jr was born this day in 1924. He was the son of our great grandaunt Mary Helen Brown (great grandma Wright’s sister) and Clarence Herman “Slim” Luce. Clarence was a POW in World War II and wasn’t freed to return to the United States until after his mother’s death. He and his father were the owners of a bar called Luce Moments.

Luce Moments

Ninth great grandmother Deborah Pierson was born on this day in Stratford, Connecticut in 1666. She is related to us via the Sedgwick line.

Teresa’s sixth great grandfather, Henry Brown, was born today in 1720 in Nottingham, Pennsylvania.

No marriages for today’s date.

My 2nd great grandmother, Mary Moats, died on this day in 1926 in Kingwood, West Virginia. She was buried in Shaw Cemetery in Albright, West Virginia the following day.

Mary Moats

Births, Marriages & Deaths for May 7th

Our 3rd Great Grandfather John Jacob Myers was born in Canada in 1832. He was Great Grandma Wright’s grandfather.

JJ Myers

John Coolidge was our tenth great grandfather through the Brown line of the family. He was born on this date in 1604 in England and came to the United States in 1635. Little is known of his life other than his multitude of children and because of records keeping during the era, he is frequently and repeatedly confused for his son of the same name born in 1645.

No deaths or marriages of immediate family for this date.

Births, Marriages & Deaths for May 6th


Bonnie Jean Gess in 1932. She was married to Richard Erwin Brown and died in 2006.

Brown Gess Marriage

Our third great grandfather, Andrew Graham, was born on this day in 1795 in Perth, Scotland. He immigrated to the United States in 1834 aboard the Bark Louisa as an indentured carpenter. He settled in Baltimore with his wife Jannett Thompson. He died in 1859.

There are no marriage or deaths.