About Sedgwick2Graham

The webmaster and his grandmother circa 1979.
The author and his grandmother circa 1979.

These are the stories of what I have found as I went along in dealing with family information and what has worked for me in my quest for information. I am sharing this information so that others interested in the quest for family information will be able to learn from my mistakes. There are also stories here that don’t necessarily fit into my genealogical search, but apply because they deal with the history of the United States.

These documents are not a guarantee that you will find a family member or that any of my techniques will work for you, but it is a start. This is not a bible on genealogy, but more of a guideline. I am also open to suggestions for other articles that should appear here.


4 thoughts on “About Sedgwick2Graham

  1. Hello Michael! It’s your big sister. I am showing my daughter & mother your website and there are not many pics or info. Are you working on the site or is there a problm on my end????

    Love ya, Terry

  2. Sedgewick2graham.com is taking me to http://newyorkjetspro.com/. You need to check your links.

    I like your posting on caring for newspapers at Sedgwick2graham.wordpress.com/2009/08/02/preserving-newspapers-for-the-future but I don’t know your name. I am using it on a resource list on the American Library Association’s course Fundamentals of Preservation. I am the main instructor. If you get this message do give me your name and I’ll cite you properly. Thanks, Karen

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